Green has become an overused word, so we have gone further and we have chosen orange, the colour of creativity, energy and balance.
Macro Design Studio provides consulting services in the field of sustainability with the aim to go beyond the mere compromise between the environmental, social and economic spheres.
The company, through figures with multidisciplinary experience, assists the clients along the certification process according to main national and international rating systems, in particular those developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Green Building Council (GBC) Italia and the International Living future Institute (ILFI).
Macro Design Studio is an innovative start-up that works with professionals owning the credentials of LEED AP BD+C (Building Design & Construction), LEED AP ID+C (Interior Design & Construction), LFA (Living Future Accredited), GBC HOME AP and Advanced Expert for Itaca protocol (SBTool).

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