New pediatric Hospice

The design idea of the new Pediatric Hospice of the Fondazione Maria Teresa Chiantore Seràgnoli, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, was that of a building that would rise from the ground to live, ideally a light and bright space, with the eye of small residents at the top of the trees.

The idea of “lifting” has the same root of the word “relief”: take away weight from pain; basically this is the reason and the strength of human pietas that lies within the idea of a hospice: alleviating the pain of those who live there. The particularity, in fact, of a pediatric hospice is that it is aimed at the most defenseless, precisely children.

Living in the trees refers to the games and dreams of children, the “houses on trees” and their powerful idea of creative freedom and deeply linked to the natural world.

Properties: Fondazione Hospice Maria Teresa Chiantore Seràgnoli
Location: Bologna (BO), Italy
Gross floor area: 4.700 m2
Client: Colombo Costruzioni Spa

Services: LEED AP Construction phase

Rating System
LEED 2009: NC Italia

Year of certification

Certification obtained
LEED Platinum