A network of experience and expertise

Macro Design Studio is composed by a team of professionals that believe in sustainability as a tool of regeneration and requalification of buildings and urban districts. Our team takes advantage from our creativity, knowledge and experience, supporting the integrative process by optimizing tools and resources in order to provide holistic consulting services on sustainability to meet the demands of clients, designers and companies.

People who have collaborate with us
Emanuele Altomonte (intern)
Lorena Caruana (intern)
Silvia Ciampalini (intern)
Riccardo Comper (intern)
Alessandro Dal Col (collaborator)
Lanfranco Dossi (intern)
Gabriele Ducati (intern)
Valentina Garufi (collaborator)
Linda Oberbizer (intern)
Nicolò Plotegher (intern)
Andrés Rodriguez Muñoz (Erasmus Entrepreneurs)
Fabrizia Somma (intern)