Riva del Garda protagonist of Regeneration – three times yellow team

Riva del Garda protagonist of Regeneration – three times yellow team
May 3, 2017 admin

The third edition of  REGENERATION, the 64h European design competition organized by Macro Design Studio and Carlo Battisti in collaboration with the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) of Seattle, that promotes the Living Building philosophy,  ended on Saturday, the 29th of April. This year the subject of the competition was the regeneration and design of a new community centre for Rione Degasperi in Riva del Garda (Italy).

During these three days of non-stop working 15 professionals divided into three teams, have been actively involved in sustainability issues with an architectural regenerative approach.

According to the international jury composed by Amanda Sturgeon, CEO of ILFI, Susanna Serafini, President of the Association of Architects of Trento and Giulia Peretti, architect of Werner Sobek Green Technologies Stuttgart, the winning team is the Yellow Team. The project “was really clear, the team was able to take the Living Building Challenge components and articulated them in a building, in an architecture and see that Living Building Challenge is the inspiration for creating the building form.”

The prize of 3,000 € by Macro Design Studio have been awarded to Giulia Guglielmo, Louise Hamot, Francesco Perozzo, Sonia-Iulia Raetchi, Eugenijus Sapel.

The conference in Rocca of Riva del Garda of Saturday, April 29th was the final event. Over 60 professionals came from all over Europe to attend the conference. The large public followed with curiosity firstly the three presentations of the competition projects, then the speeches about the regenerative philosophy of Living Building Challenge, revealed by the words and images of: Amanda Sturgeon, Martin Brown, Emanuele Naboni and Emmanuel Pauwels.

Blue Team: Estelle Cruz (France), Ilaria Lando (Italy), Marco Rossato (Italy), Anamaria Vasile (Romania), Jurgis Zemitis (Latvia).

Green Team: Marta Frolova (Latvia), Federica Grott (Italy), Isabela Manu (Romania), Marian Ontkoc (Slovakia), Nicolò Santon (Italy).

Yellow Team: Giulia Guglielmo (Italy), Louise Hamot (France), Francesco Perozzo (Italy), Sonia-Iulia Raetchi (Romania), Eugenijus Sapel (Lithuania).