Macro Design Studio is fit-wel

Macro Design Studio is fit-wel
November 10, 2017 MDS

Macro Design Studio team obtains the FitwelSM  credentials.

Fitwel is a high impact building certification designed to support healthier workplace environments and improve occupant’s health and productivity. The Fitwel certification, created by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and General Services Administration (GSA) in collaboration with public health and design experts, aims to improve the workplaces conditions through design interventions and maintenance policies.

Paola Moschini, Elena Leonardelli and Luisa Tonelli of Macro Design Studio obtained, first in Italy, the Fitwel Ambassador credentials, becoming leaders and active participants in Fitwel’s healthy building movement.

The Fitwel goal is to guarantee the well-being and the health of the occupants and related communities, through healthy and comfortable workplaces. Every office can be transformed, with specific and gradual interventions in a welcoming place.

The Fitwel protocol, unlike the other rating systems in the market, is not divided in mandatory prerequisites and discretionary credits, but it is composed by optional goals called “strategies” which give a number of points related to the health and well-being “weight” of the requirement. In this way the economically prohibitive obstacles and the measures incompatible with the building or the context can be avoided. The certification can be achieved with the collection of at least 90 points of 144 available.

Thanks to simplicity, clearness and few constraints placed by the protocol, Fitwel is a very effective tool to promote the spread of healthy and “fit” buildings.

This protocol applies both to existing buildings, as a monitoring and improvement tool, as well as to new constructions, as a design tool.

Are you interested in the topic? Want to deepen the Fitwel protocol? Contact us by email.