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WELLTM Performance Testing Organization

well pto

WELLTM Performance Testing Organization is an organization authorized to provide performance verification services for projects that want to obtain WELL certification. These organizations carry out third-party testing and inspection inspection activities for the International Well Building Institute, making use of accreditated figures who are WELL Performance Testing Agents. These professional figures have followed a specific training course for the implementation of the WELL Performance Verification.

Macro Design Studio has been a WELL Performance Testing Organization since 2022 and through its WELL Performance Testing Agents provides test services of buildings to obtain WELL certification. The Performance Verification includes, in addition to the visual inspection, field tests in order to evaluate the quantity of pollutants present in the air and water as well as verifying the quality of the lighting, the noise levels and the thermal comfort inside the building .

For informations: wellpto@macrodesignstudio.it.

LEED® Proven Provider™

LEED Proven Provider is designed to reward experienced organizations that demonstrate successful and consistent performance in the LEED Project Administrator role in LEED Online by submitting documentation that is high quality and free of errors.

LEED Proven Provider organizations benefit from an enhanced certification experience with streamlined reviews.

On March 16, 2021, Macro Design Studio earned the designation of LEED Proven Provider for LEED BD+C rating systems from Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) advantaging a simplify review process for the LEED project certification.

LEED® Residential Provider™

residential provider

The LEED® Residential Provider™ designation distinguishes those organisations that oversee the LEED for Homes certification process on behalf of third party Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI). LEED Residential Provider organisations work with LEED for Homes Green Raters on an ongoing basis, provide a quality guarantee for their verification services, and collect and submit to GBCI the final documentation required to achieve LEED for Homes certification for the property.

In October 2023, Macro Design Studio was recognized by GBCI as a LEED Residential Provider for LEED Residential protocols, the first European company to receive this recognition. To certify a LEED for Homes residential building, it is necessary to refer to a LEED Residential Provider organisation.

To keep up to date with the latest news and to follow LEED Residential developments and projects, you can follow us on the dedicated LEED Residential Provider EMEA Linkedin page.

For information: LEEDProvider@macrodesignstudio.it.

JUST certification


just 2024

Macro Design Studio obtained the JUST social equity certification in 2017 and renewed it in 2019 , in 2022 and in 2024.

The JUST program is a voluntary disclosure tool for organizations that wish to achieve social
responsibility and equity goals through a self-assessment.
Each indicator requires simple but specific and measurable evidence so that the organization is assigned a level, which is then summarized in a straightforward way through the JUST label.


UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certifications


Macro Design Studio has set up an integrated management system and achievedUNI EN ISO 9001 e UNI EN ISO 14001, (policy), certifications in 2022.

Erasmus for Entrepreneurs

Macro Design Studio was the first company in Trentino to join this program as a hosting company sharing its expertise in the field of sustainability certifications, involving young foreign professionals in its team and making them actively involved in the working life of the company.



Naturally slow travels

palma activestay

Macro Design Studio believes that the knowledge of different cultures is a form of enrichment that is necessary for people’s growth. For this reason, in collaboration with Activestay La Palma travel agency, Macro Design Studio created the “Naturally slow travels”. The main goal is to propose cycling or walking journeys, in natural or urban contexts, to discover the essence of places and territories.



Macro Design Studio, through volunteer activities, gives pro bono support in sustainable social projects.

collaborative lbc

Living Building Challenge Collaborative: Italy. Living Building Challenge Collaboratives are groups of professionals that represent a community, regularly meet to share knowledge and create local conditions for the development of “living” buildings, places and communities. LBC Collaborative Italy was born in 2015; Paola Moschini is the founder and facilitator while Elena Leonardelli is a member of the board.



Macro Design Studio, through volunteer activities, gives pro bono support in sustainable social projects.

KuSaidia Onlus Group Association. The Association was born with the intent to work with the East Africa populations, respecting and promoting the local culture. Through the development of social and educational projects (schools, hospitals, water wells, …), KuSaidia Association adopts a professional collaboration with the local people through awareness and development of their capacities. Paola Moschini has actively worked with the association for about ten years and in the last year she also involved Macro Design Studio’s team to give technical and logistical support.