Circular Economy as a Key for Environmental Regeneration

Circular Economy as a Key for Environmental Regeneration
Ottobre 3, 2017 MDS

Questa news ripropone l’articolo pubblicato sulla piattaforma Medium di Econyl®brand, che si sviluppa attraverso una prima approfondita analisi sul concetto di economia circolare, due casi concreti nei quali il pensiero sistemico circolare è stato messo in pratica e si conclude con un breve vademecum indirizzato a architetti e designer per ripensare in modo responsabile la progettazione.

If you take your keyboard and type “circular economy”, a certain well-known American search engine will immediately show 8.65 million results with that query term. The result is surprising, considering that in April 2015 an identical search only yielded 471,000 results. A surge in both investigative and academic research and texts show lively interest around this new macroeconomic theory.

What is circular economy?

The term “circular economy” is de facto a neologism, which combines both theory and practice. While other theories may be widely assimilated, a circular economy has a clear industrial vocation. So, it is mostly tied to material goods, which from time to time are linked to finance, service economics, labor standards, digitalization, decarbonization of the global economy, etc. More