LBC Collaborative Italy is born!

LBC Collaborative Italy is born!
March 25, 2015 MDS

A building is a demonstration, but ultimately the Living Building Challenge movement is about changing minds. The Living Building ChallengeTM is more than a certification program. As an advocacy tool, the Challenge offers a framework with the power to change the way entire communities value sustainability, equity and prosperity.

The Ambassador Network is a global volunteer initiative to encourage the rapid and widespread adoption of restorative principles guided by the Living Building Challenge. Within this network, individuals and local groups called Living Building Challenge Collaboratives discuss restorative principles, share expertise, and remove cultural, regulatory and ideological barriers to systematic change. Living Building Challenge Collaboratives are community-based groups that meet in-person regularly to share knowledge and create the local conditions that support development of Living Buildings, Sites and Communities.

The Living Building Challenge Collaborative in Portland, Oregon holds its first meeting.

The aim of Collaboratives, like trees, is to grow in many directions. Here are a few ways Collaboratives use the strength of their members to spread the restorative principles of LBC:

  • investigate the principles of the LBC
  • understand the seven Petals and twenty Imperatives
  • educate and inspire the local community
  • create the right conditions for Living Buildings, Sites and Communities
  • contribute knowledge to help implement these principles on local
  • projects and inform the evolution of the LBC itself
  • identify regulatory barriers (and work to overcome them)
  • undertake local actions relevant to the principles of restorative building.

Macro Design Studio is proud to announce the foundation on March, 11th of the Living Building Challenge Collaborative: Italy, based at MDS offices within Progetto Manifattura, in Rovereto (Trento). LBC Collaborative: Italy is one of the first established in Europe, after England, Ireland and Romania. The kickoff of the Collaborative will be officially celebrated on Saturday, April 18th during REGENERATION. The Conference, the first “Understanding the Living Building Challenge” event in Italy. This workshop, with the participation of important guests, such as Amanda Sturgeon, Executive Director of the International Living Future Institute (Seattle, WA) and other European LBC experts, is connected to REGENERATION, the 64 hours non-stop design competition organized by Macro Design Studio with the support of ILFI. We will also create soon the Collaborative Facebook page, a platform to exchange information on LBC principles as well as the board where all the events of the Collaborative will be posted. So, do you want to collaborate? Follow us 🙂

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