SmartScore AP is already a reality at Macro Design Studio

SmartScore AP is already a reality at Macro Design Studio
January 21, 2022 admin

The SmartScore certification born in 2021 is already a reality at Macro Design Studio. Giorgia Lorenzi passed the exam and is now the first woman, and the second person in Italy, to obtain the prestigious SmartScore AP accreditation.

Smart Score certifies the functionality that an intelligent building offers to its users, through digital technologies, to go beyond their expectations. The expected results range from creating inspiring workspaces to optimising performance, from being effective in terms of running costs to incorporating elements that make it flexible and ready for future changes.

The SmartScore evaluation areas take into consideration various aspects such as individual and collaborative productivity, i.e. the need to create spaces that allow people to work with optimal efficiency; health and well-being, as the protocol helps to create healthier and safer working environments; optimization of spaces and systems through careful maintenance; and finally the digital security and data sharing aspects.


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