Bernina 7 in Milan: sustainability excellence

Bernina 7 in Milan: sustainability excellence
November 2, 2023 MDS

Bernina 7 in Milan has obtained a double certification: LEED v4 BD+C: Core&Shell – Platinum Level and BREEAM In-Use Part 1 Asset Performance – Excellent Level.

An example of virtuous and sustainable design, the building is one of the most important protagonists of the redevelopment of the Milanese landscape.

The property in via Bernina 7 in Milan was built in the late 1980s and is located north of Scalo Farini, an area that will be the subject of the city’s largest urban redevelopment project in the coming years.

The project was generated “through the harmonious integration of architecture and territory. Bernina 7 is a new view on the city of the future, a living and multifaceted environment, conceived for well-being and sharing, to stimulate freedom of thought and an open-minded approach to business and life“.

The renovation project for the Bernina 7 building, designed by Il Prisma Società di Progettazione Architettonica and owned by Kryalos SGR, involves new vertical connections, a renewed distribution solution, a complete renovation of the systems and casing and a careful design of the external areas and roofing.

Macro Design Studio, the sustainability partner chosen by Il Prisma Società di Progettazione Architettonica, played an important role in achieving LEED and BREEAM certifications.

The sustainable strategies pursued include a highly efficient building in energy terms, with very low water consumption, outdoor spaces with paths and green areas that encourage interaction between people. The interior spaces have also been designed to give occupants the maximum level of indoor comfort, natural light and air quality.