10 years of Macro Design Studio: the weekend in Val di Pejo

10 years of Macro Design Studio: the weekend in Val di Pejo
September 29, 2022 admin

On 1st August 2022 Macro Design Studio marked its first 10 years of business and celebrated together with the entire team and their families by spending the first weekend of September in Val di Pejo.

Macro Design Studio was founded in 2012 to provide holistic sustainability consulting services with the aim of going beyond the triple bottom line, guiding clients, designers and companies towards a new idea of products, buildings and communities with a positive impact on the environment.

Over the last 10 years the company has grown both in the volume of business, clients and collaborators.

From the beginning of the company in 2012 with Paola Moschini as a founder, in 2015 and 2017 Elena Leonardelli and Luisa Tonelli joined the team, respectively. Later, in 2019, Giorgia Lorenzi, LEED AP since 2008 and head of the Green Building division of Strategie d’impresa Srl until 2018, joined the company. Today, Macro Design Studio can count on a staff of 10 people, 9 of whom are women.

Many collaborators and trainees have taken turns in these years and have contributed to the growth of the small reality born within the Trentino Sviluppo hub: Progetto Manifattura.

During the weekend, sporting activities, walks in nature, tasting local products, and simply sharing time helped to create an atmosphere of group complicity, also strengthening the unity within the Macro Design Studio team.

Team that tested its hands, led and supported by the facilitator Giorgio Montefiore from Kyma Team company, during a team building session using the LEGO® Serious Play methodology. The course started that weekend will continue with other days dedicated to why hands can free thinking and change organisations.