TetraPak New Building

The project involves the construction of a new building called NEW TETRA PAK BUILDING, used as a research and innovation centre.
The building is unitary, but consists of three units with different characteristics and structures: an office building, a central single-storey pavilion dedicated to production, and a plant building.
The project presents extreme flexibility of the spaces with high quality standards of workplaces (comfort, natural light, transparency, acoustic control), designed to facilitate the exchange of information, personal relationships, the well-being of the occupants, all within a framework of high aesthetic quality and comfort.

Property: Tetra Pak
Location: Modena (MO), Italy
Gross floor area: 8.000 m2
Client: Mario Neri SpA

Services: LEED Construction phase

Rating System

Year of certification
In progress

Certification target
LEED Silver