LEED v4? The future of green building for us is now.

LEED v4? The future of green building for us is now.
May 28, 2015 MDS

LEED stands for green building leadership. LEED is transforming the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained and operated across the globe. LEED v4, launched at Greenbuild Philadelphia in November 2013, is the newest version of the world’s premier benchmark for high-performance green buildings. This version is bolder, more specialized, and designed for an improved user experience.

What are the main changes from the version 3 (2009)? LEED v4

  • Includes a focus on materials that goes beyond how much is used to get a better understanding of what’s in the materials we spec for our buildings and the effect those components have on human health and the environment.
  • Takes a more performance-based approach to indoor environmental quality to ensure improved occupant comfort.
  • Brings the benefits of smart grid thinking to the forefront with a credit that rewards projects for participating in demand response programs.
  • Provides a clearer picture of water efficiency by evaluating total building water use.

Although USGBC has extended the deadline for the previous v3 protocol (and therefore the definitive entry into force of the new version) until October 2016, we are already offering our customers the adoption of the new version of LEED for the certification of sustainable projects.

Our reasoning is simple and consistent with our philosophy: if the market has already raised the bar by providing a radically new tool, in step with the excellent performances achievable by modern buildings and with the changed users’ needs, why to continue “comfortably “with the previous version, to get lower overall performances?

This meant for Macro Design Studio a considerable initial investment, which is mainly technical and cultural, through the acquisition and consolidation of strong professional skills. An investment with whom our company has took part in the process initiated by USGBC, contributing since the beginning of 2013 to the implementation and certification of the first European “pilot” projects with version 4.

Among the novelties, LEED v4 is also extremely versatile: the new version developed by USGBC includes 21 different adaptations to the construction market. Macro Design Studio has taken this flexibility by providing its cross expertise for the certification of projects 2015_05_28-03 Retailwith the protocol for the management of buildings (LEED Building: Operations & Maintenance), with that for new buildings (Building Design and Construction) – first LEED v4 NC registered project in Italy – and finally with the Interior Design & Construction standard, which we applied to several retail spaces in different EU countries (UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy).

Further information: info@macrodesignstudio.it