Obtaining the LEED certification by the end of the year? Pay attention to the timelines!

Obtaining the LEED certification by the end of the year? Pay attention to the timelines!
June 6, 2024 MDS

Technical expertise and time management are key elements for the achievement of the certification according to the client’s expectations: those who decides to certify their properties usually specify the minimum expected level and often have clear necessities, also in terms of deadlines by which they wish to obtain the certification.

USBGC has recently published a summary of key deadlines to meet in order to complete the LEED certification process by December 31st, 2024.

The GBCI review team, that checks the documentation in relation to design phase and construction phase, has a standard period of 5 weeks for the preliminary review and another 5 weeks for the final review, the latter following the integration of documents and answers to clarification requests.

This means that the team of professional that manages and coordinates the certification process needs to plan the activities of documentation closure and start of review considering these timelines, to be able to obtain the certification according to the client’s deadline.

As Macro Design Studio, we are LEED Proven Provider for LEED BD+C rating systems.

This title rewards the companies that have demonstrated excellence and consistency in the project management and allows to simplify the review phase for the certification of LEED projects. On one hand, the quality of work performed as consultants, first supporting the designers and then with constant monitoring activities of the construction phase, allows to minimize requests for clarification and integration from GBCI reviewers. On the other hand, the management and the coordination of the different stakeholders that are responsible for key certification activities, together with keeping the client constantly up to date, allows to plan at best all the phases of the certification process, completing it within certain timeframes.

Contact us for more information on the certification process: info@macrodesignstudio.it.