Macro Design Studio, your personal green trainer.

Macro Design Studio, your personal green trainer.
March 9, 2016 MDS

Macro Design Studio organizes and manages events and conferences on sustainable innovation. The aim is to provide debates among experts of sustainability and enhancement of the building stock, facilitating networking through the sharing of skills and experiences.

Our services in this area give us the chance to deliver with a practical slant the know-how acquired in the field, through the sustainability projects that we follow every day. They also allow us to transfer to the participants knowledge on the innovative aspects of our industry, which we constantly monitor. Macro Design Studio Education include: conception and management of educational events, scientific committee for conferences and training courses, organization and management of workshops and technical seminars.

The 2016 course catalogue is now online at this page. Thanks to the review by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), some courses are approved by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) for the LEED AP (Accredited Professional) credits maintenance. Furthermore, educational credits for architects will be provided in agreement with Consiglio Nazionale Architetti Pianificatori Paesaggisti Conservatori (National Council of Architects).

Courses are typically on demand and with limited places, which can be activated with a minimum number of 8 members (and maximum of 12), completing the registration form found at the bottom of the course page. Once reached the minimum number of participants the course is programmed according to the needs. Some courses can be delivered on-line. The courses are in Italian, some media will be provided in English. Some courses are available in English and Spanish. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

Macro Design Studio has contributed to the national development of the LEED system, also participating in the certification development committees, particularly implementing LEED Italia in 2009 and the new GBC protocols (HB Historic Building, New Construction, GBC Home, GBC for Neighborhoods). It has experience in the application of the LEED protocol version 4, having assisted the development of the first LEEDv4 certified European pilot projects and also knows about the differences between the European and American standards of the construction industry. It has expertise especially in the dissemination and training on sustainability protocols (mainly LEED) both through the organization of sustainable events on innovation in construction and through personalized training courses in Italy and abroad. In particular it has two USGBC Faculty (out of ten in Europe). The word Faculty (a credential issued directly by USGBC) designates those professionals highly experienced and skilled about LEED, green building and sustainability.

Here are the courses also in English currently in the catalogue:

  1. Historical Renovations using Sustainable Principles (6 hours; 3 CEU GBCI).
  2. Introduction to the Living Building Challenge (1 hour; 1 CEU GBCI, 1 CEU LFA)

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