REGENERATION 2017 – the call is open!

REGENERATION 2017 – the call is open!
September 21, 2016 MDS

All good things come in threes, too easy to say … but the REGENERATION machine is always in motion and in addition to the 3rd edition of 2017 we are already working to that of 2018. But let’s go step by step.

During the Smart City Week event in Piazza Duomo in Trento on Sunday 11th September we launched the new edition of REGENERATION, which will be held on April 26 to 29th, 2017, still inside Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento), with the usual format of the first two editions in 2015 and 2016, including the final conference with the state of the art of the Living Buildings, Living Products and Living Communities.

The novelty of this year is a brand new web site (go to or .com) that we added to the Facebook group (already 500 members) to make the communication more effective and to simplify the application process. The “advance” of REGENERATION in Trentino continues: the teams participating next year will work to regenerate a building in the stunning Riva del Garda.

But, as we said, we never stop, and in the lively Smart City Week meeting moderated by Federico Zappini (see below for his report) the mayor of Trento Alessandro Andreatta seized the moment “booking” the 2018 edition in the capital city of the region. We started from Dro (about 5,000 inhabitants) a year and a half ago and we are ready to land in a city of nearly 120,000 people, to show that the virtuous principles of Living Building Challenge are applicable at any scale. Stay tuned, but especially regenerated … 😉

The call to apply for REGENERATION 2017 is already open, with the application form you may find here. We expect under 35 architects, engineers, planners, and various professionals eager to test themselves in a design experience to regenerate the built environment. See you there! Apply now!

Here is the report (in Italian) of the “REGENERATION competition: a challenge beyond sustainability” event of 11 Sep 2016 in Trento (thanks to Federico Zappini).