5 reasons to join USGBC Faculty

5 reasons to join USGBC Faculty
August 9, 2019 MDS

Macro Design Studio is proud to present the first of five articles published by  USGBC about USGBC Faculty, with the contribution of Paola Moschini.

USGBC Faculty is a global network of credible, qualified instructors, teachers and facilitators with deep expertise in and passion for sustainability that cuts across sectors, cultures and geographies.

5 reasons to join USGBC Faculty, Paola Moschini says:

Stay up to date through an international network.

In Europe, there aren’t as many USGBC Faculty members, so being part of this international network is a privilege and an important qualification as an educator. Mostly, my audiences are keen to improve their knowledge about green building and to prepare for the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams.

The credential of USGBC Faculty helps me to stay continuously updated on the trends of green buildings, and through the calls with the others USGBC Faculty members, I have the opportunity to listen to other experiences and bring them into my classes.

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