Wired Certification

Wired Certification
September 23, 2020 MDS

We are very proud to present the WiredScore certification, Eng. Giorgia Lorenzi, a member of the Macro Design Studio who has recently obtained the WiredScore AP accreditation.

What is WiredScore and when is it founded?

WiredScore is an internationally recognized certification system that evaluates and highlights the connectivity of buildings, that are providing the resilient and most advanced digital infrastructure by integrating the buildings with current, emerging and future digital technologies. It is the only certification in the world for digital infrastructure and connectivity in buildings, which qualifies buildings from both a technological and economic point of view. Born in 2013 in the USA and arrived in Europe in 2015, it is currently used in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Holland and soon to be launched in Italy this year.

Can we talk about an increase in the value of the property?

Statistical studies speak about 4.7% increase in the market value for the rental of certified office properties. Very interestingly in WiredScore certification, in addition to the certified level, silver, gold or platinum, which the building can boast at the end of the certification process, the owners can immediately communicate the evaluation process they have undertaken and advertise that their property as “Undergoing WiredScore Certification”.

What are the objectives of the certification and who are the first beneficiaries?

Owners are supported in this complicated world of in-building connectivity technology from the development phase of the intervention, whether it is new construction, renovation or occupied building, to the management and communication phase. The certification objectives are multiple: avoiding future retrofit interventions for adapting the property to future technologies; optimize the design process; attract tenants; improve the image and reputation of the building.

What does WiredScore measure?

Quality and resilience of digital infrastructures, equipment for tenants, quality of the mobile network within the building, choice of multiple high-speed fiber providers, preparation and readiness for future changes.

The first step in the certification process is the registration of the building, and it is free. Just turn to a WiredScore AP.