Erasmus for young entrepreneurs: Macro Design Studio hosts a young Spanish architect

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs: Macro Design Studio hosts a young Spanish architect
July 7, 2016 MDS

The Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs is an international exchange program that offers new entrepreneurs – or aspirants – the opportunity to learn the secrets of business from already established professionals. Its intent is to help small and medium enterprises from countries participating in the program.

The exchange of experience takes place within a period of work at the headquarters of the expert entrepreneur, which helps the new entrepreneur to acquire the skills needed to manage a small business. Host entrepreneurs have the opportunity to see their own activity from a new point of view, collaborate with a foreign partner and learn about new markets. (

In this case the host entrepreneur is Macro Design Studio, whose motivation is to share its know-how with a young European and expand its activities toward a new market.

The young entrepreneur is Andrés Rodríguez, Spanish architect holding a Master Degree from the School of Architecture of Madrid and PhD aspirant with a passion for architecture and environmental sustainability. “My expectations are high – Andrés explains – in a few months I want to learn everything possible both in the technical and business management. First I want to meet LEED and LBC sustainability protocols and work on projects in which Macro Design Studio is leading the certification process. Moreover, I want to work with an eye on the future, knowing that everything I will learn might be applied to my new company when I will return to Spain”.

“ By our side – says Paola Moschini – founding partner of Macro Design Studio – we are excited to carry this experience. In fact, as soon as we knew about the exchange program, we made it possible for a young entrepreneur. Andrés is a dynamic and curious young man who brings an air of vitality to our small company.”.

This experience will be finished by the end of September, when we hope to have contributed to bring this young European into contact with an innovative company.