RESET International Standard

RESET International Standard
October 5, 2020 MDS

After the WiredScore, we present you the RESET Air certification. arch. Paola Moschini, owner of Macro Design Studio has recently obtained the RESET AP accreditation.

What is RESET Air Standard?

RESET Air is the first certification program focusing on indoor air quality (IAQ) of buildings; it is based on sensors that work continuously and drive performance objectives of indoor air quality that focus on the well-being of the occupants in the buildings.

RESET adopts a non-prescriptive approach that evaluates projects based on their operational performance.

What type of certifications exists today?

RESET Air certification is awarded to the buildings whose real-time air quality data meets the required thresholds and pass the audits as required by the certification protocol. Data collection is based on continuous monitoring of the indoor air quality parameters.

RESET rethinks project certification by making it easier, more intuitive, and cost-effective – through the definition of measurable steps.

There are two RESET indoor air quality certifications:

– RESET Air Certification Process for Commercial Interiors

– RESET Air Certification Process for Core & Shell.

What are the parameters that are measured? Is there a scorecard?

The RESET standard does not provide guidance on mechanical and electrical designs, does not require minimum air exchange rates, does not provide any check-lists or scorecards, but simply proposes air quality objectives that must be constantly monitored during occupancy hours and respected. The protocol therefore proposes only the necessary requirements for the deployment of monitors, data collection and results reporting.

The parameters to be verified include: PM2.5, TVOC, CO2, CO, Temperature and Humidity.

This approach maximizes the opportunity to adapt the solutions to the type of building, location, and space. It also gives professionals considerable design flexibility, which helps reduce overall design and certification costs.

RESET therefore, addresses the health of the occupants, i.e. the people who live in the spaces, by monitoring the indoor air quality.

Can we start talking about adaptive buildings?

Construction is entering a new era in which buildings are no longer static containers but can change their performance according to the demands and needs of the people who live in them in real time, thanks to the continuous monitoring of air quality performance, buildings are able to adapt to the needs: we are facing adaptive buildings.

RESET Air is the world’s first certification program for indoor air quality in buildings, based on sensors and their on-site measurements. Constant monitoring is required so that data can be communicated to building occupants via mobile devices or other visual displays. The quality of the monitoring devices, their installation, calibration, and reporting methodology are of paramount importance. In fact, RESET Air also defines standards for monitoring performance, density and installation location, calibration, reporting methodology and overall project performance.

Are there ways of compliance (crosswalks) with other international rating systems, for example LEED or WELL?

RESET Air has approved routes and equivalences with other green building certification programs, such as:

  • WELL Building Standard
  • LBC – Living Building Challenge
  • LEED IAQ Innovation
  • LEED O&M – Operation and Maintenance
  • Fitwel