The RSA San Giulio is the first LEED for Homes Multifamily Lowrise certified project in Italy.

The RSA San Giulio is the first LEED for Homes Multifamily Lowrise certified project in Italy.
January 14, 2022 admin

The extension of the RSA (elderly center) and CASA (senior housing) San Giulio in Beregazzo con Figliaro represents the first building in Italy to obtain the prestigious LEED for Homes Multifamily Lowrise, Gold level. The building, inaugurated in July 2021 by Korian — Europe’s leading Group in Services for Seniors, was built according to the highest technological standards to ensure the best assistance and care to its guests.

The LEED for Homes protocol, which was born to certify residential buildings, student’s dormitories and elderly centers, promotes the achievement of high standards of environmental sustainability through a virtuous process that combines design, construction and management of real estate assets, and allows to achieve high comfort levels and the consequent well-being of the guests of the building, which can benefit the healthy environments.

The structure develops around the guiding principles of Positive Care, the “patented” methodology by Korian that puts the patient at the center of the treatment program: it is a matter of offering everyone a personalized care path according to their needs, whatever their health condition.

Macro Design Studio, on behalf of Asacert, took care of the entire LEED for Homes certification process, working alongside Korian as LEED AP Homes consultant, LEED Green Rater and Qualified Energy Rater, on-field verification and performance tests. “The collaboration with Asacert”, says Paola Moschini — CEO of Macro Design Studio, “is very important to us in the development projects of RSA (elderly centers) and CASA (senior housing) that Korian is implementing on the Italian territory. This building is the first in Italy to have obtained the LEED for Homes: Multifamily Lowrise certification, with a Gold level. A great result achieved thanks to the active collaboration between all the actors involved in this process and to the will and great commitment of the Korian group“.

Beregazzo con Figliaro (Como), 12 January 2022
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