Mondadori Duomo is LEED Gold certified

Mondadori Duomo is LEED Gold certified
July 28, 2023 MDS

Mondadori Duomo, the bookshop directly overlooking Piazza Duomo in Milan and inaugurated on March 23rd, is being successfully awarded LEED v4 ID+C Gold level certification.

Macro Design Studio handled the certification process according to the LEED ID+C: Retail rating system from the concept design stage throughout the construction phase, contributing to the achievement of this prestigious result.

“Our consultancy services – says Paola Moschini, CEO of Macro Design Studio – began from the early stages of the design supporting the architectural firm Il Prisma, as LEED AP and Commissioning Authority, and continued during the construction phase assisting the General Contractor Sice Previt, in charge of the construction works.”

The constant support and monitoring led by Macro Design Studio during all phases of the project landed to the achievement of LEED certification.

Housed in the neo-renaissance spaces of the Palazzo dei Portici Meridionali, the new Mondadori Duomo store is distributed on 3 floors, one of which is a mezzanine, which cover a total area of more than 1,300 square meters.

The ground floor, punctuated by a succession of luminous arches and illuminated by natural light from a new skylight, consists of a huge central Arena, which offers the visitor diversified immersive spaces on several levels. Upstairs is the Just Comics area, the Mondadori Retail format intended for exploring the world of comics. The lower floor, the We Are Junior area, is designed for younger visitors, with graphics and a child-friendly environment.

Several spaces dedicated to video mapping allow to live in first person audiovisual experiences and stories, defining the Mondadori Duomo store as a real 4.0 bookshop.

Attention to environmental sustainability aspects was the driving force behind the design choices and the construction site management.

In Mondadori Duomo direct expansion systems were installed to guarantee high energy efficiency performances while maintaining limited overall plant dimensions. Particular attention was given to the quality of the internal environment providing adequate supply of outdoor fresh air, filtered using high efficiency particle filtration media, and opting for low-emission products and finishes. CO2 sensors have also been installed on all floors to monitor indoor air quality.

The lighting design was carried out with the aim of meeting the specific lighting needs of the bookshop with the energy efficiency and visual comfort goals through the meticulous selection of LED lighting fixtures with low UGR, a parameter that defines the degree of glare caused from artificial light.

The choice of materials installed in the Mondadori Duomo turned to products with an environmental declaration – EPD in order to minimize the environmental impact of the installations, this goal was further investigated through the analysis of the life cycle – LCA of the project’s interior.

The correct implementation of the sustainability strategies and its monitoring were developed from the outset of the project to the end of the construction works and integrated with an enhanced systems commissioning in order to provide further oversight and verification that the store will meet design requirements and Owner’s expectations.

“We are very happy with this achievement – adds Giorgia Lorenzi, partner of Macro Design Studio – which highlights the skills of our team and underlines how the constant collaboration between all the people involved is the key to reach outstanding results”.