LEED v5 is here!
December 12, 2023 MDS

The first draft of LEED v5 O+M is now available, addressing crucial issues for the built environment: decarbonization, equity, health, ecosystems, and resilience.

In the last Greenbuild, held in Washington D.C. September 2023, the new version of the LEED protocol was officially presented.

This version of the LEED green building certification program is an important milestone in the effort to align the built environment with the Paris Climate Accord’s 2030 and 2050 targets. The rating system addresses crucial issues such as equity, health, ecosystems, and resilience.

LEED v5 is built around a restructured LEED rating system framework, at the top of which are the system goals:

🌍 climate action
🐬 quality of life
🌱 ecological conservation and restoration

These are the overarching areas of focus that will guide the next several versions of the rating system and will also serve as the mechanism for prioritizing the way project teams are rewarded for pursuing various strategies.

Diving a level deeper, the LEED principles identify a granular list of what LEED can and must achieve through LEED v5 and the versions that follow and include:

  • Decarbonize the building industry swiftly to reflect the urgency of the climate crisis (decarbonization)
  • Inspire and recognize adaptive and resilient built environments (resilience)
  • Invest in human health and well-being (health)
  • Create environments in which diversity, equity and inclusivity thrive (equitable outcomes)
  • Support flourishing ecosystems through regenerative development practices (ecosystems)

The thematic areas underlying the current version of the rating system will continue to serve as the structure for credits and prerequisites in LEED v5.

A first draft of LEED v5 O+M is currently available, developed thanks to the collaboration of USGBC members and stakeholders from the green building sector: USGBC members can provide opinions and feedback on LEED v5 O+M in preview , before it is made available to the public for comment in 2024.