Macro Design Studio: your partner for being WELL

Macro Design Studio: your partner for being WELL
October 24, 2023 MDS

In a time when awareness about health and well-being is increasing, WELL certification standards represent a fundamental resource for buildings and organizations.

WELL Certification and WELL Ratings: WELL Performance Rating, WELL Health & Safety Rating and WELL Equity Rating allow not only to design and build according to criteria that promote the occupant life quality and health, but also to guide organizations to act and take responsibility towards the objectives of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, while remaining aligned with ESG criteria.

WELL helps organizations maintain high occupant well-being and health, improve the working environment, reduce sickness absence and have low staff turnover.

The protocol differs from other rating systems due to the presence of the WELL Performance Verification, such as field tests for the measurement of the air, water, thermal comfort, light and sound features, aimed at scientifically and numerically proving the performance of the building in use, in compliance with what was foreseen in the project phase.

For Macro Design Studio, the lifeblood that makes organizations live and flourish are people.

How can we help organizations obtain WELL certification and maintain it over the years?

Contact us to make an appointment, find out what the WELL protocol is, how it works and which one is best for you.